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July 01, 2013

myType Bluetooth Keyboard Brings Portability to the Market

With the explosion of mobile devices has come the widespread adoption of touchscreen keyboards. While most of us have come to know and at least accept typing on a virtual keyboard, there are plenty of people out there who still enjoy the feel of a physical keyboard when writing their most important e-mails or documents. For this reason, the market for Bluetooth keyboards is as strong as it has ever been, and now that market is about to have a brand new contributor to the bunch. The myType Bluetooth keyboard could actually set the market on its ear, should it get the money its creators need to get off the ground.

When it comes to the wide array of Bluetooth keyboards that are currently available for use with mobile devices, most models are either going to be small enough to fit in your pocket or the size of a regular keyboard. The smaller keyboards tend to be harder to type on, while the larger ones are only really portable if you carry them in your briefcase. The creators of the myType Bluetooth keyboard believe they have solved this problem with a keyboard that uses a proprietary design in order to fold the full size keyboard into something that can be put in a user’s pocket.

This new keyboard, with its unique design, will be as dependable as those keyboards already out on the market. myType creator Brunn Roysden says that the device will have a range of 33 feet and a rechargeable battery that can go for a few weeks during normal use on a single charge.

Now that the prototype for this keyboard has been produced, the only thing standing in the way of getting it to the general public is funding. The myType keyboard makers have decided to turn to Kickstarter in order to get that funding. Anyone who pledges $49 or more to the cause will get a myType keyboard in his or her choice of color. The group is hoping to begin shipping the device by August.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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