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July 22, 2013

Best Buy Offering Back to School Discounts on Macbook Pros

Best Buy has built itself quite the reputation as being a place where tech junkies can find some truly great deals. That isn’t much different than when the stores first opened their doors years ago, but these days students are getting some pretty special treatment. Best Buy has been able to offer up good savings on Apple products in the last few months, including an iPhone 5 for free as long as you trade in your old phone. Now the retail giant is hosting a deal for students when it comes to the Macbook Pro.

Even better is that Best Buy’s newest deal on the Macbook Pro isn’t being offered just to students. The store is shaving $200 off the retail price for the Apple laptops. At least there is a $200 savings for the 13-inch version of the laptop. Students get to chop an extra $100 off that price. Those who have been looking to get themselves a new Apple laptop, either for home or for school should take advantage of this deal as soon as possible. The savings are part of the back to school offerings and that much of a price cut is only going to be affect over a ten day period that ends on July 28.

One has to wonder if Best Buy chose the Macbook Pro for this deal because they want to sell as many laptops as possible before the backlash begins. A report emerged late last month that indicated that batteries for the Macbook Pros could catch on fire just a little too easily. Best Buy launched a recall that brought back more than 5,000 batteries.

All of the 13-inch Macbook Pros are being offered in the sale. The “lower end” model of the line is coming in at less than $900 for students and just under $1,000 for those who aren’t going to school. The higher end laptops are being offered up for $1,299 for those who aren’t students and $1,199 for students.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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