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July 23, 2013

Broken Phone? Fix It, Don't Fling It

The growth in mobile phone users has been exponential ever since smartphones were put on the market. In fact, according to Strategy Analytics, stats on U.S. phone maker charts reveal a boom for many vendors (e.g., Apple, Samsung, and LG – which currently dominate the market).

These powerful yet user-friendly cell phones, equipped with a mobile operating system, offer consumers computing capability, built-in apps, connectivity to Web browsers and access to third-party applications, to name a few, while on-the-go. They are, indeed, as popular for consumers as tablets.

With so many mobile phone users, and with the cost of such devices continuing to rise, there is no reason why one should throw their sought-after device—normally an expensive investment—away as soon as it becomes broken or faulty. There are options for protecting consumer gadgets: For example, most phone manufacturers provide a complimentary warranty (for mechanical faults and failures) and many mobile communications providers offer some type of insurance to cover expenses for damage caused by accident. Even more, there are carrier insurers that will either repair or replace them without hesitating.

There is also the option for consumers to take their device back to the merchant, who can return it to the manufacturer and perhaps substitute it if the malfunction happens within an allotted time period. Most cell phones carry a one to two-year manufacturer’s warranty, valid from the date of product purchase.

However, if returning the phone is not a viable option, consumers can rely on a number of cell phone repair service companies that are now entering this lucrative market. Whether it is to fix water damage, corrosion, circuitry, a cracked-screen smartphone, broken or faulty batteries, or perhaps to carry out data transfer and recovery (i.e., from a broken or damaged cell phone to a new one), customers can now count on a number of service centers able to help them with their needs.

One such company is Wireless FxR, a company that employs certified technicians able to work on any cell phone models. According to Wireless FxR, what differentiates them from other cell phone repair shops and specialists is that they can “fix what other repair centers cannot!”  In fact, their technicians are certified to be able to provide repairs at board-level; this basically means that they are able to fix individual components to prevent having to change entire pieces. This could result in great savings for their customers.

The cell phone specialists at Wireless FxR report they are able to do a diagnosis within 24 hours, free of charge, and the company includes a six-month warranty for the work it does. In addition, they let customers have a loaner phone while their device is out for repair.

For more information, customers can contact the Wireless FxR repair specialists or visit their site for any phone repairs, or to recycle a phone for free.

A cell phone repair center is an apt solution. It gives customers a choice in terms of getting rid of their mobile phone or having it fixed, maybe by some specialist. Regardless of the service center used, however, it is important consumers try to avoid doing any fixes themselves, unless they have an in-depth understanding of smartphones, know how they work, and are familiar with all their internal components.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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