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July 24, 2013

Unity4 Enhances RapportCMS with New Mobile Management Capabilities

RapportCMS, the cloud-based contact center platform from Unity4, provides advanced inbound call routing and outbound dialing, as well as Recruitment, Training and Payroll features.

In one of the major enhancements, Unity4 has released new features to RapportCMS technology enabling mobile device access to streaming of call recordings, score-carding as well as a powerful suite of call center management functions.

RapportCMS technology enables call center managers to handle all aspects of contact centers via a tablet or smartphone. The solution supports both TDM and IP transactions. The browser-based solution does not require any hardware installation.

The new release is designed to further enhance the visibility and access to management tools including the ability to listen to live to calls and stream call recordings, scoring of calls, monitoring of dashboards and queues, and changing and updating of inbound and outbound queues.

Further, the solution can assign agents to campaigns and update agent schedules. It can run ROI reports.

RapportCMS technology already comes with full outbound dialing capability, which includes Manual, Preview, Power and Predictive Dialing. It also comes with features such as online live and historical reporting, call recording and monitoring with real time retrieval, computer telephony integration, and more. 

Unity4’s success in the cloud contact center space is attributed to its ability to securely access and manage complex contact centers, irrespective of geography. The company’s virtual contact center solutions allow large multi site contact centers, home based contact centers, or just managers get a good level of access to all their systems.

"The addition of streaming to mobile devices and the ability to use all of the score card systems seamlessly on a tablet; was a missing piece in our already extensive suite of mobile management tools. This release gives us the most comprehensive mobile management tools in the industry and gets supervisors and managers up and moving," said Dan Turner, CEO of Unity4.

The RapportCMS technology is being used by more than 2,900 active users globally. 

Edited by Alisen Downey

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