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September 17, 2013

Bluetooth Smart-ready Devices Are Increasing in Demand

The development of Bluetooth v4.0 devices has been exceptional. The shipments have grown from nothing in the year 2010 to over one billion in 2013. This shows the huge demand for ultra-lower power Bluetooth wireless technology in the industry. Essentially, there are 2 separate Bluetooth v4.0 implementations; there is the single mode Bluetooth v4.0 also known as Bluetooth Smart and the dual mode Bluetooth v4.0 otherwise known as Bluetooth Smart Ready. The current success of Bluetooth v4.0 can be largely attributed to being quickly adopted to media tablets, smartphones and other devices. Bluetooth Smart Ready devices such as Samsung Galaxy SIII, S4 and Apple iPhone 4S are available in the market.

As device vendors embrace Bluetooth technology, a broader ecosystem of vendors has become confident in v4.0. This is emerging as the core wireless technology in a whole device range from door locks to heart rate monitors. Apple has been quick to adopt Bluetooth technology and is crucial helping it grow in popularity. Android devices are also adopting this technology more and more.

Bluetooth v4.0 is also increasing in growth due to its application in the wireless sensors as well as in other devices. There has been a rapid adoption of the Bluetooth v4.0 in the fitness and sports market with home apps on the rise. Undoubtedly, the wearables industry with the inclusion of smartwatches, will also make the industry grow. By 2017, the total market for Bluetooth enabled devices is expected to go past four billion devices. The market expansion is increasingly being driven by Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices. This growing market is expected to begin to level out over the next 5 years. 

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Edited by Ryan Sartor

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