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September 24, 2013

DataPilot and Mobile Genie to Support iPhone 5S, 5C

Owners of the recently released iPhone 5S and 5C don’t have to worry about transferring contacts to their new phones by re-entering data, thanks to software updates from Susteen. The company’s DataPilot and Mobile Genie applications now support the latest Apple phones.

DataPilot sells for about $35 and is a consumer-based tool that facilitates data transfers between mobile phones and PCs. It can backup data from contacts, calendars, texts, photos, videos and even ringtones. It also keeps the phone in sync with Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm or Gmail. Analytical data shows how the phone is being used. It can be used with up to three phones.

Mobile Genie at $395 is designed for cell phone stores to assist customers with transferring data between old and new phones. Typically, customers who want to transfer data after getting a new phone would have a customer service employee at a retail store use the application to do the transfer.

Data can be backed up to and restored from USB flash drives and memory cards. The application is promoted as a sales tool as a common objection customers have to upgrading their phone is the tedium of manually re-entering data. It can also be used to drive sales of DataPilot and USB drives.

Both applications support a combined total of about 8,000 phone models according to one of Susteen’s websites.

Irvine, Calif.-based Susteen, Inc. makes a variety of solutions that support mobile communications. In addition to DataPilot and Mobile Genie, it also offers a hotspot tether app. Laptops can use the smartphone data plan to access a network without needing a Wi-Fi signal. Secure View, a forensics app, allows law enforcement and investigators to extract data from mobile devices more easily than using a forensics lab.

With the recent release of the iPhone 5S and 5C, Susteen provided a much-needed upgrade to its DataPilot and Mobile Genie applications when it added support for these devices.

It was also important that the upgrade came out only a couple of days after the two phones had been released. To have done otherwise would have led to many unhappy customers and store managers and threatened Susteen’s credibility as a vendor that can support thousands of phones.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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