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October 14, 2013

OtherLevels Mobile Analytics Help Unity Game Developers

Gamers interact heavily on forums and other channels highlighting the positive and negative aspects of the games they play. These interactions are critical for game developers so they can implement suggestions on the next generation of games. Using analytics software can help developers understand their players and give them what they need intuitively before they even ask for it. OtherLevels, a mobile messaging analytics vendor for game developers and mobile first publishers, is going to integrate its mobile message marketing platform and analytics tools with Unity game developers in order to increase participation and lower attrition rates.

By integrating this messaging solution, Unity will be able to interact with its customers more effectively. This engagement will increase the participation from the players with developers and build a long-lasting relationship that will increase revenue opportunities for the organization, and more say so from players in future game developments.

Developers will be able to access multiple options, including A/B message testing, retargeting, segmentation and optimization tools.

"Today’s game developers not only have to manage acquisition, they also have to keep players engaged and coming back. In-app alerts and Push notifications have emerged as effective ways for developers to drive overall app engagement rates, but they also need to leverage the best-in-class messaging analytics tools to tackle player churn. Now, the availability of our tools for the Unity Platform will help game developers create more effective messages that encourage more usage, retention, social sharing and revenue opportunities," said Brendan O’Kane, CEO of OtherLevels.

The OtherLevels platform has been successfully applied by marketers to track, review and act on a large amount of granular data collected by interacting with targeted customers. The platform is seamlessly integrated to mobile platforms because of the native application and mobile Web JavaScript libraries.

Push vendors, SMS aggregators and in-house Push solutions can be easily embedded with support client of as many as 500 million app download, a dozen languages, and across 24 time zones. The scale and flexibility of this platform can meet the needs of any local and global organizations.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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