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December 20, 2013

Plan, Meet, Coordinate Travel Details with MochaMeet

Do you want to spend your holidays with your friends but find it difficult to meet up and plan the details? Not any longer, for the new iOS7 app – MochaMeet - launched recently will do everything for you.

MochaMeet is a mobile app that acts like a personal assistant. You need to login using your Facebook account and it then builds a profile and syncs friends living across the world. If you want to know where they are, all you have to do is look at the MochaMeet world map, and bingo you can locate everyone.

Regardless of where a person is and regardless of where you are, the interactive world map lets you know in a jiffy who's closest to you. So all you have to do is get together friends in a specific city, organize a private group, set up meeting times that suit everyone, start MochaMeet chat sessions and coordinate details in real-time.

"Most of us have been there – we've gotten random calls from friends or relatives who wanted to get a group together while we're in town – but we just couldn't pull it off," said Anish Godha, CEO of MochaMeet, and added, "Thanks to MochaMeet, creating a plan to meet with friends, old and new, will no longer fall off your radar."

It's amazing how slick and easy everything is. Details fall into place in no time, and what would typically have taken days (and sometimes months) of planning is done in just no time. This way all the pain and hassle of trying to locate friends is eliminated.

Going one step further, you can actually compartmentalize friends into different groups, depending on where they live, schedule specific meeting times, (say the first of every month) and just keep in touch. That way, anytime you are in any part of the world, MochaMeet will ensure that you keep a tag on where your friends are.

"A few swipes and clicks on your iPhone, iPad or iPod is all it will take to make sure you don't lose the chance to turn those important connections into face time during the holidays or any other time of year," concluded Godha.

It's always difficult to keep in touch with friends once they're scattered all over the globe, but with MochaMeet, it doesn't seem all that impossible. So the next time you go to France, Singapore,  London or any other place, click on the app to ensure that you don't eat dinner alone.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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