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January 07, 2014

Audiovox's Overhead and Headrest Systems with HDMI/MHL Connectivity Offers Entertainment on Drive

You can keep your kids entertained on long road trips or watch your favorite TV show while taking a break from a long drive - you can now make it possible. VOXX Electronics Corporation (VEC), a newly formed wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corp. (VOXX), has announced the introduction of its line of overhead and headrest systems that have HDMI/MHL connectivity to allow a consumer direct connection to smartphones, tablets and even SmartTV devices.

The Audiovox brand is marketed by VOXX Electronics Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corp.

The new system includes certified HDMI/MHL inputs so that users can connect their mobile devices, charge them and playback whatever is on their mobile device on the rear seat monitor screens.

It greatly expands high definition audio and video content delivery without removing older technologies (DVD) that are still heavily used.

Tom Malone, President of VOXX Electronics Corp, said in a statement, "These changes make our system's entertainment possibilities literally endless. Our systems not only surpass demanding OE standards, they also exceed consumer preferences in style fit and function, which is why we have been at the forefront of this market since its inception."

The consumers can connect the digital output of a mobile device (Smartphone/Tablet) to the HDMI/MHL inputs on VOXX's headrest and overhead monitors. They can access apps on their mobile devices and show them on the headrest or overhead screens.  This content can be movies stored on or streamed into the user's mobile device (Wi-Fi access needed to stream or access internet/cloud based apps), games, social media apps such as YouTube. In some cases the mobile device can be used as the remote control for the headrest or overhead system to play games.

The new HDMI/MHL systems are available with a price tag of $499 and up.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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