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January 08, 2014

The Joy Factory Provides Smartphone and Tablet Cases, Mounts for Any Environment

The way we use our mobile devices today is very different from how we used our PCs just a few years ago. The key word is “mobile” – we’re using these portable computers in a variety of environments, whether it’s putting them at risk for water damage or using them for different businesses. Construction organizations require rugged, protected means for mobile devices just as much as the adventure consumers want waterproof devices. With The Joy Factory, both parties can meet their needs.

The Joy Factory provides adaptable mounting solutions and protective cases for mobile devices. Whether you’re looking for a waterproof case, a bicycle mount, an iPad case that can be mounted onto a wheelchair, desk or wall, or a kiosk stand, The Joy Factory has a solution for you and your mobile device protection needs.

Miranda Su, the executive vice president at The Joy Factory, walked me through some of its flagship products at CES 2014.

The products start basic, with a protective ziplock-like case that features accurate touchscreen sensitivity, making it easy to use your device while protecting it against water and other environmental conditions. From there, it offers cases more sophisticated, such as the Action Go, which includes a version specific to the iPhone 5s fingerprint sensors. That’s available for $49.99. The next step up is the Action Pro, which can go underwater 1 meter for 1 hour.

For iPads, The Joy Factory offers Action Bold and Action pro, and it offers eight different types of mounts. One mount that won an award last year at CES is the mount that is able to attach to wheelchairs. Su explained that the company provides specialty solutions to protect mobile devices, not just cases, that help users protect their devices no matter what kind of environment they are in.

The company’s products are perfect for consumers as well as different business use cases, such as construction, retail kiosk displays and general office mobile optimization. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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