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February 14, 2014

Newegg Relaunches iPhone App

While Newegg is one of the top electronic online retailers in the world, the company has been lax in upgrading its mobile applications for iOS. The storefront can now cross that update off its “to-do” list thanks to a re-launching earlier this week. The company says that the updates basically equal a complete redesign of the application that will make the shopping experience of iPhone users that much better.

Cosmetic changes to the application are purportedly just the beginning of a new strategy by Newegg to bring more shoppers in through their iOS devices. "iOS 7 is an elegant platform that opens up exciting design possibilities and our new app does an incredible job of getting the most from the platform," said Soren Mills, Chief Marketing Officer for Newegg North America in a statement announcing the updating. "Mobile has quickly evolved from a convenient companion of into a robust, standalone shopping platform that effortlessly connects our customers with the products they want."

This is actually the fourth version of the company’s mobile application for iOS. The company has also been working hard to get a bigger piece of the pie when it comes to several different platforms. Last spring, Newegg launched a brand new version of its storefront that was usable through the Google TV platform.

Using their iPhone, Newegg shoppers can personalize their shopping experience even more than they could using the Google TV app. The Newegg homepage on the iPhone application can be set by however the user wants. Push notifications can also be set to trigger when specific products are available or when they see a significant price drop. The retailer is also offering specific deals on its items that will be attainable only through the mobile platform.

Those are the rather large changes, smaller yet quite useful tweaks such as a more powerful and intuitive search function and the ability to sort by the best deal have also been included in Newegg’s Mobile 4.0 for iOS 7 application.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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