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February 18, 2014

Bluelounge Offers Kii to Solve Mobile Phone Battery Despair

The mobile accessories market is still crowded today with players vying for a piece of the pie. The winners are always those with the sleekest, most convenient product to offer.

If you use your phone a lot, like I do, chances are no matter how much you try your battery will always be in the red zone. And with more and more functionalities added almost daily, a full battery symbol lasting beyond a morning cup of coffee is pretty impossible.

I run my personal and work emails from my phone, connect on social media platforms, browse the web, text, cast video to my TV and edit photos – all at the same time.

Naturally, the main accessory I always make sure to have with me and have a back-up for is a charger.

I was recently given a Kii to test out and really like the idea of having my charger right by my side along with my other important house and car keys. 

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The compact charger-connector from design company, Bluelounge, is unique because it can be put on a key chain, mimics the design of a key and is super lightweight (0.20 lb) and convenient.

Instead of needing to purchase multiple charging wires and docs for the car and a wall, not to mention how many times those chargers tear or go missing, this one snaps right into your keychain and ready for use.

In addition the Kii has a self-locking system so it doesn't slip off your keychain thanks to push buttons on each side to lock and release the cap.

I would have liked it if this same product could store a charge and give me some juice to my phone in an emergency, when a computer or USB port to charge me up wasn’t around….and if you’re the type that’s always loosing your keys –I’m not sure how handy this could be.

Nevertheless, it’s still a great option to have along in an emergency or to reduce the need to pack more cables when you’re traveling. I’ve found myself using the Kii on more occasions than I thought I would because it’s just easier and it’s right there – so it’s become something I now always carry with confidence.

Kii is available via in black or white for both 30-pin and Lightning chargers for $18.95 and $38.95, respectively.

The video below will also give you a better idea of how the Kii looks and works. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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