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March 17, 2014

Harness the Power of the NSA and Spy On Your Loved Ones

Unfortunately, people aren’t always able to trust others. Perhaps you suspect your loved one of cheating on you, or maybe you think your children have been up to no good with their powerful new smartphones. It’s not that you don’t trust them, you just want to know what they’re up to, right? If you’ve been feeling jealous of the NSA’s ability to spy on others and wish you could get the dirty details, you might find yourself able to harness the power of spy gear.

A new option for wannabe spies has been released today, and it’s called mSpy. mSpy is an app that will track and report every action taken on a phone, and when it says every action it means everything. mSpy will record phone calls, report emails and texts, if it’s done on the spied piece of equipment you will know. The app will even use GPS tracking to tell you exactly where the spied person is. Feel like setting up a bug for even deeper spywork? mSpy can even do this.

Of course, you can’t just take someone else’s phone and add an app to it. mSpy will come preinstalled on select phones that you can order directly from the company. The app is completely invisible, so nobody will be able to find out you’re spying on them. Which is good, as the fallout would probably be pretty terrible.

Of course, it’s actually illegal to spy on most people, and the marketing department of mSpy are quite aware of this. mSpy is being touted as the perfect tool for spying on children and employees, both of whom are legally allowed to be spied on. Want to know if your employee was really stuck in traffic, or if they have been misusing that company phone? mSpy will let you know. Find out if your kids are getting involved in drugs, or worse, by keeping a tag on them with the mSpy app. All the data regarding your targets will be sent to a computer program for you.

Just because the spy gear is being advertised for legal spying purposes, doesn’t mean it will actually be used in such a manner. mSpy is the perfect tool for jealous lovers. Who needs trust, when you can know exactly what your loved ones are doing with their phone. If you are the jealous type, you might consider gifting your lover with the newest of smartphones, they’ll never know. Of course, if you are the type to be up to no good with your phone, you might want to reconsider accepting that new phone your lover is offering you.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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