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April 03, 2014

Omron Introduces the New XD2B Line of Battery Connectors

Size is one of the most important components of mobile devices, and it seems every new generation is getting thinner and lighter while at the same time providing longer battery life and more technology. In order to accomplish this, mobile manufacturers search for the smallest components to bring their devices together. Omron, a manufacturer and provider of advanced electronic components for more than 80 years, has created a new battery connector for mobile devices that is much smaller and more robust than what is available in the market place.

According to company officials, the XD2B line of battery connectors are the industry's smallest battery connectors, which was achieved by combining electroformed contacts with microfabrication. While the typical pitch is 2.5mm and 4 to 5.4mm depth for pogo pin or pressure style contacts, the XD2B line is 2mm pitch and 2.6 mm depth.

This small size also comes with better wear and tear for manufacturers because the electroformed contacts are more shock resistant and have higher tolerance for mechanical fatigue.

Electroforming and microfabrication made it possible to achieve high precision production of contacts that are exceptionally small, thin and fine. The electroforming is a much better process than electroplating because it builds a thicker and stronger metal layer that becomes the actual contact structure.

The gold-plated contacts and hold-down terminals prevent power interruption or degradation by maintaining a highly effective contact pressure. It provides greater dispersion of current and conductivity over multiple contact points whether two or three contact groups are provided for each power pad.

The microfabrication also allows more exacting needs for these small shapes and sizes with sub-micron (0.0001 mm) scale accuracy. This new line of connectors is ideal for manufacturers that use flat-pack lithium ion batteries helping designers reduce the package size of their end products.

The XD2B line of connectors is available for mating with 4 or 5 battery connection pads and 6, 7 or 8 PCB connection terminals.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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