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April 08, 2014

Barcoding Inc. Now Offering Two-Way Radios

Two-Way Radios have been around for a long time and are still being put to use today. These devices along with a radio that can both transmit and receive, were widely nicknamed, "Walkie-Talkie.” As early as the 1940s, Motorola (then the Galvin Manufacturing Company) received a contract from the War Department to develop a portable radio set for field use by infantry units. The SCR-300, a backpack-mounted portable unit became the first two-way radio to be nicknamed "Walkie Talkie." Motorola then went on to produce nearly 50,000 of these famed SCR-300 Walkie-Talkie units during the course of the war.

During that same period, Motorola also produced the hand-held AM SCR-536 radio sets; they were used during World War II.

The two mentioned Motorola Radio Sets that provided short-range, two-way radiotelephone voice communication paved the way to the development of longer-range portable units that followed. Additional mobile and base station radios by Motorola have been developed.

Now, new two-way radios are being offered by Barcoding Inc., which is dedicated to delivering the latest in two-way business radios to support clients’ communication needs.

Specifically, the company will serve as a value-added reseller of Motorola Solutions and Vertex Standard two-way radio technology, both global two-way radio manufacturers which supply products that meet the changing demands of the wireless communications market.

Jeff Gillis, CFO at Barcoding said, “As a systems integrator, we saw that many of our customers were already using two-way radios to communicate within the four walls”; therefore, it made sense, he said, to expand their portfolio to include two-way radios.

Customers would purchase one of the latest two-way radio communication devices from the reseller (Barcoding) as an integrated product or complete "turn-key" solution to be used in settings such as a warehouse environment to relay information between personnel on the loading dock to workers in the stockroom, or in retail settings to connect cashiers with salespeople on the store floor.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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