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February 01, 2012

Accel Networks Unveils First Smart Antenna System for 3G/4G Cellular Networks

To addresses low data rates, latency, jitter and link issues confronting today’s fixed cellular broadband service, Accel Networks, a provider of managed fixed cellular broadband services, has readied an innovative smart antenna system. Unveiled by the company’s newly formed division Accel Technologies at the  4G Wireless Evolution Conference & Expo, collocated with ITEXPO East 2012 happening now through Feb. 3 in Miami, Fla., the smart antenna, called Maestro, is the first such system for that optimizes wireless performance for both 3G and 4G cellular networks, claims Accel. 

According to Accel, enterprises are rapidly moving applications to the cloud, increasing the demand for stable, broadband connectivity that can be deployed faster and at a lower price point than comparable terrestrial broadband. With the advent of 4G service and the last mile optimized by Maestro, wireless can now become the network option of choice.  

Offering better and more cost effective connectivity, Maestro is capable of addresses issues such as low data rates, latency, jitter and link availability, which until now had been viewed as a limitation for enterprise wireless service, stated Accel.

Per Accel’s description, the patent-pending, self-optimizing Maestro system includes eight antennas, three switchable filter banks and embedded LNA. It is constructed to offer over 500 discreet setting options to generate and maintain the highest carrier-to-noise ratio creating link performance and availability that meets or surpasses service levels for T1s, MPLS and DSL.  The performance of the antenna combined with the cloud-based monitoring and management platform adds a new dimension to fixed cellular broadband deployments, said the supplier.

In a statement, Mark Gianinni, CEO of Accel said, “Fixed wireless broadband is primed for rapid growth and Accel’s Maestro is the first antenna system that bridges the gap in quality and performance between wireless and wired broadband.”  

He added, “With 6,000 installations, we have a proven business history that demonstrates our ability to provide exceptional wireless broadband services.”

One of the first users of Maestro is IHOP Franchisee Romulus, Inc. The company has been testing the smart antenna system at a location where there had been trouble historically. Bud Morgan, director of technology at Romulus, said, “I have been very impressed by the ability of this antenna to automatically optimize signal strength.”

Accel said that Maestro’s value proposition extends beyond installation and optimization. It includes a powerful RF link monitoring platform, traffic analytics and remote asset management, all delivered through the secure Maestro Portal, according to Accel. In addition, Maestro costs less to install, reduces truck rolls and cuts mean time to restore (MTTR), affirmed Accel.

To find out more about Accel Networks, visit the company at ITEXPO East 2012. Happening now at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Fla., ITEXPO is the world’s premier IP communications event. Visit Accel Networks in booth #119. For more information on ITEXPO registration, click here.

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Ashok Bindra is a veteran writer and editor with more than 25 years of editorial experience covering RF/wireless technologies, semiconductors and power electronics. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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