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February 27, 2012

Motorola Launches Maiden Handheld Public Safety LTE Device

Motorola Solutions Inc. has launched the LEX 700 Mission Critical Handheld, especially suited for first responders. While law breakers are using technology to formulate, execute and coordinate their actions, law enforcement agencies are burdened with additional workloads due to its declining resources.

A multimedia command center can now connect to the latest group of inventive Public Safety LTE data devices like the LEX 700, with the always-on Public Safety LTE broadband network, thereby offering authoritative tools to first responders for tackling the latest threats on the street.

The LEX 700 with its instinctive user interface and a solid, rugged form factor offers unparalleled access to multimedia public safety applications. Business continuity, guarding of important data and proactive improvement of imminent security threats can be therefore ensured with these security services.

In a release, Bruce Brda, SVP of Global Services at Motorola Solutions said, “As we introduce the LEX 700, we are also launching unique service solutions -- based on our public safety expertise -- for customers buying our infrastructure and devices to help ensure smooth integration, support and management capabilities, resulting in worry-free technology adoption. These robust services allow our customers to deploy the most advanced solutions while effectively utilizing existing resources.”

He added, “When combined with our infrastructure, Motorola's Public Safety LTE lifecycle services provide a rich, trusted operational framework for device provisioning, management and security -- all supporting agencies' next generation investments.”

Perceptive multimedia applications that increase situational responsiveness, improve tactical association, and facilitate superior in-field efficiency are offered by the LEX 700. The positions of field assets are made available by monitoring information from mobile computer-aided dispatch and real-time association software.

Responders can quickly handle regular tasks, like ticket writing, identity verification and suspect booking, and send information to the headquarters with the LEX 700. Data, photos, video and voice can be delivered rapidly, unfailingly and securely over several networks. The device with its rugged ultra-bright display is protected against drops, humidity and temperature extremes.

A Motorola P25 radio can be securely connected to the device, offering dependable connectivity and handy operation to the responders. IT can implement, administer and protect all their devices using the software and services offered by the LEX 700.

In other news, Motorola Solutions, Inc. recently unveiled the SL Series portable and the XPR 5000 mobile radio series as the latest additions to MOTOTRBO, its professional digital communications portfolio that meets the requirements of narrowbanding. MOTOTRBO delivers exceptional voice quality, extended battery life, increased capacity and the industry's largest application developer program for increased productivity and enhanced worker safety.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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