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April 02, 2012

XIUS Launches 4G/LTE Network Evolution Services for RCA Members

A new 4G/LTE Network Evolution Services and Solutions Suite from XIUS has launched to target RCA members. The company officially released the service during the Rural Cellular Association Competitive Carriers Global Expo.

Through this innovative offering from XIUS, RCA members can optimize their 2G/3G networks to provide their subscribers with affordable 4G services.

XIUS’s 4G/LTE Network Evolution Services & Solutions Suite will specifically address challenges including ease in planning and deploying advanced broadband network, which can place immense pressure on the operators resources and challenges faced by operators struggling with maintaining existing 2G/3G subscriber base while trying to build and implement a 4G network.

"XIUS has traditionally been associated with prepaid mobile services delivery in the minds of the U.S. mobile marketplace,” said G.V. Kumar, CEO of XIUS. “In parallel, we have long been supplying network consulting, infrastructure, solutions and support to international mobile operators and MVNOs."

The services and solutions suite will also address the issue of broadband network overlay, presenting a significant investment and can help operators explore solutions which can expand their subscriber base.  

XIUS's 4G/LTE Network Evolution Services & Solutions Suite have been designed to incorporate a structured approach while dealing with the different 4G network and services situation for each mobile operator. It factors in conditions such as existing and future network requirements, when they will be required, whether the mobile operator needs them to be hosted or co-located and payment policies.

The solution will enable mobile operators to provide their customers with 4G services such as high speed data services, HD voice or video, video streaming, mobile TV and mobile video conferencing, and video-based monitoring.

Edited by Braden Becker

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