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April 19, 2012

BridgeWave Communications Hits $100 Million in Revenues

Provider of LTE wireless backhaul solutions BridgeWave Communications announced its crossing of the $100 million mark in cumulative revenues today. Specializing in 60 and 70/80 GHz millimeter wave hardware, the company supplies high capacity wireless solutions to a majority of providers across the world. According to registration data provided by the FCC, BridgeWave made up 72 percent of the 4G market share in the US last year.

Richard Webb of Infonetics Research pointed out that much of the company's success is due to the extensive catalog of products it offers, which apply to a considerably large audience. 

"The outlook remains positive for BridgeWave, as it has the broadest customer base in this market, straddling both enterprise and carrier customers, and has also expanded its portfolio in 2011, now addressing the mainstream microwave with hybrid TDM/Ethernet products,” said Webb.

Small cell solutions are becoming increasingly popular in wireless communications, but a few problems have arisen, like bandwidth allocation and line capacity. However, BridgeWave's popular 60 GHz band pretty much clears up those issues, due to its high capacity transmission abilities and immunity to interference from other bands.

Making such a name for itself wasn't a light task, but BridgeWave CEO Amir Makleff says the company has no plans of cutting back any time soon, stating, “Our longevity and experience in bringing carrier-class millimeter wave products to market has afforded us this leadership position, and it's been gratifying to see the market acceptance of our solutions over the years; but we're not done yet.”

Nearly all 4G/LTE providers promise blazing fast connection speeds, but when customers reach the monthly data limit, those speeds are drastically cut – leaving the customer with an unreasonably slow connection. BridgeWave's award winning FlexPort and PicoHaul products work to reduce the need for those data caps as much as possible, and are both widely endorsed by leading mobile providers.

“We are committed to bringing the cost of millimeter wave solutions down to a level equivalent to their microwave counterparts while maintaining full-duplex gigabit performance, thus allowing operators to cost-effectively solve the tough backhaul challenges as they make 4G a reality,” said Makleff.

BridgeWave makes it a point to future-proof all of its products and technologies – which is a good practice to get into, being part of such a constantly evolving industry.

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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