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May 03, 2012

Android's Native Development Kit 8 Supports All MIPS

Android’s Native Development Kit (NDK) Release 8, which is available from Google, will assist app developers for all MIPS-base devices. According to the press release, the new NDK will tie up the loose ends associated with apps that relied on native codes, like C and C++, for various reasons.

The new NDK is equipped with all of the tools necessary for developers, such as tools and build files needed for native code libraries from C and C++, as well as tools needed to embed native libraries to .apk, and a set of native headers and libraries applicable to all future versions of Android’s platform, documentations and demonstrations. For an in depth way to learn how to use Android NDK as well as NEON SIMD, there’s an on-demand webinar, presented by software engineer Matt DuPuy.

According to a recent report by Atomic, AMD and Google have been eyeing MIPS architecture for some time. Last month, MIPS hired Goldman Sachs to help identify and negotiate with potential businesses acquirers. There is speculation that Google may bid for the company, and the GNU MIPS compiler to Android NDK was just recently announced last month. Vito Cassisi of Atomic reports, “What Google would do with the company is anyone's guess, but chances are it'd be to distribute the patents to various Android partners to fend off litigation.”

And indeed, Google’s present circumstance may suggest that Google is protecting themselves from future litigation, Although the verdict in the $1 billion lawsuit with Oracle is still hanging in the air, sources have stated that it is coming to a close, and that Google may likely see it close in their favor.

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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