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May 15, 2012

CellAntenna Corporation's New Cell Phone Jamming System Keeps Airspace Quiet

In places like prisons and some government buildings, cell phone use of any kind is strictly forbidden. Whether for reasons of public safety or national security, those signals must be kept tightly regulated and, often, forbidden. Thus, the CellAntenna Corporation today announced the release of its new CJAM-AJD Active Jamming System.

The CJAM-AJD Active Jamming System is a multi-band cell phone jammer whose power can be adjusted from 15 to 100 watts in a bid to quash most any kind of cell phone communications. Made, designed and manufactured wholly by the South Floridian company, the CJAM-AJD can even conserve power by activating only when it detects cell phone traffic in the area, and can be used to deter a variety of different kinds of traffic, including 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and satellite phone service. Their portability makes them popular with bomb squads, and their capability makes them extremely useful in prisons.

While many regular people relish the idea of being able to cancel the cell phone traffic of others, especially in public spaces like movie theaters, concert halls or any similar exhibition space where a cell phone can wreak havoc on a performance, it's actually illegal to do so, falling under the terms of the 1934 Telecommunications Act. As such, CellAntenna Corporation only sells these to the United States government and for export to other similar entities outside the United States. CellAntenna, however, has also been seen lobbying for their product lines to be made available for state and local law enforcement as well, saying that the cell phone industry has “no reason” to be “afraid of any misuse” on the parts of said agencies.

Perhaps a bit ironically, CellAntenna Corporation also sells a line of cell phone signal enhancers as well, commonly used inside buildings to allow signals to reach the inside of a building as well as the outside. CellAntenna also has a slate of offerings geared toward their jammer, as their line of CPC Cell Phone Control, and Managed Access, suite is said to be an excellent complement for the CJAM-AJD Active Jamming System.

Those who are actually legally permitted to own such technology should contact CellAntenna for more information on how to get these devices installed in their own locations.

Edited by Stefanie Mosca

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