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May 17, 2012

Yottaa Unveils Solution for Mobile Acceleration

Yottaa, a website optimization company, recently launched Yottaa Solution for Mobile Acceleration which will help ensure a great user experience for mobile-savvy companies.

The Yottaa Solution for Mobile Acceleration combines Yottaa's patented front-end optimization service with a global content delivery network.

"Mobile social gaming is one of the hottest industries today. With more and more users playing games and socializing via their smartphones, the mobile Web is fast becoming the high-growth market opportunity," Robert Buffone, co-founder and chief technology officer at Yottaa said in a press release.

MocoSpace is one such company that will benefit with Yottaa solution for its free-to-play mobile apps and HTML5 games. With the largest catalog of HTML5 games online, MocoSpace has over 25 million registered users spending 60 million minutes every day playing games, making friends, and simply staying connected, making it the biggest entertainment destination on the mobile Internet today.

"Experience matters. At MocoSpace, we are proud of the fast, reliable and seamless user experience we deliver to our user community," Jamie Hall, chief technology officer and co-founder of MocoSpace said in a statement.

"Implementing the Yottaa Solution for Mobile Acceleration has allowed us to dramatically cut down the number of round trips, reduce payload and leverage client side processing, resulting in improved user experience and business metrics such as engagements and conversions," Hall added.

Yottaa's new mobile solution is designed to help companies prepare their sites for the rapidly growing segment of visitors coming from portable, hand-held devices. The availability of more capable devices, networks and applications is driving the acceleration of mobile Web adoption, but many websites are having difficulty keeping up with the unique limitations and needs of mobile customers. With today's on-the-go consumers and business user’s dependence on mobile Web access, it's becoming increasingly clear that the bottlenecks for performance lie in the delivery and execution of the code that drives mobile applications.

"MocoSpace is one of the hottest companies and the category leader for social gaming. At Yottaa, we're thrilled to leverage our front-end optimization and global CDN services to deliver a great mobile experience to the MocoSpace community,” Buffone emphasized.

Executives from both companies initiated a joint presentation, 'Using CDN and Front-End Optimization to Deliver a Good Mobile Experience,' at the Content Deliver Network (CDN) Summit, New York Hilton, New York.

"Combining and automating front-end optimization and a content delivery network is the key to success on the mobile web. Together with Jamie, we look forward to sharing what we learned and our experiences with the community at the CDN Summit," added Buffone.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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