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May 22, 2012

GCT Semiconductor and Sierra Wireless Team up to Make Wireless Hot Spot

GCT Semiconductor made an announcement today that they would be working with Sierra Wireless to create Sierra's GCT's LTE single-chip solution. The solution, which has been dubbed the Sierra Wireless 4G LTE Tri-Fi Hotspot will allow customers to share their wireless access with between two and eight devices. The system will be able to share connections run over EV-DO, WiMAX and LTE broadband connections.

"Sierra Wireless develops products for the leading edge of network technologies like LTE, and this frequently requires tight product development schedules,” said Jim Kirkpatrick, the senior vice president of engineering and mobile computing for Sierra Wireless. “We need to know that the components we select are going to integrate and work reliably. GCT offered a successful, field-proven product that we could be confident would enable us to meet our aggressive product launch target dates."

"The new hotspot offers a superior customer experience, allowing users to connect not only to their laptops, but also up to eight devices such as music players, cameras and portable game consoles,” said Dr. Kyeongho "KH" Lee, president and CEO of GCT Semiconductor Inc. about the enhanced functionality of the pairing. “We're pleased that our collaboration with Sierra Wireless has helped bring customers this state-of-the-art LTE device, enabled by our market-proven LTE single-chip GDM7240, which offers low power consumption, high performance and small form factor." 

For the time being, the device will be available exclusively to Sprint customers. No information on the price point has been released.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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