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May 24, 2012

Transaction Network Services, Aepona Join Forces for GSMA's OneAPI Commercial Service

Not every cell phone is the same, but Canadian mobile providers want to make app and software developers’ lives easier with similar interfaces across major providers. Transactions Network Services Inc. (TNS) installed Aepona’s API Monetization Platform (AMP) to work as a software engine to operate GMA’s OneAPI commercial service.

OneAPI is a quick and easy way for developers to create new content for mobile users while meeting the application programming interfaces (API) of Canadian Mobile Operators through one connection, according to company officials. Ultimately this is a Web-based contract that is streamlined to offer access to payment, location and messaging. In the end, the developers will find a larger customer base that takes less time to market.

Adding AMP as a gateway between the two services offers a number of features make it easy for developers to not only create content, but test to see that it is compatible with mobile providers. These features include: API exposure, research and partner management, monetization, revenue management, developer portal tools, a resources and testing environment and more.

Dan Dooley, president of TNS' Telecommunications Services Division shared via press release, "Aepona is a provider with a fully productized platform for a commercial API service, including the all-important revenue management and monetization features. This, combined with their operational experience in running the OneAPI commercial pilot, made Aepona the natural choice to provide us with the solution for the OneAPI service."

Aepona has been involved with GMSA since 2008 and has worked closely to develop a cloud-based platform that works well with their program. Chief Marketing Officer at Aepona, Michael Crossey, agrees that the joint venture is natural.

“They have the operational scale and expertize in running large-scale commercial transaction services to help make the OneAPI service a huge commercial success, and we look forward to supporting them, as well as the GSMA and the three Canadian operators, in reaching that goal," Crossey said.

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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