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June 07, 2012

Is Sprint's 'Unlimited Data' Claim a Lie?

If the information about this report is true, then I wonder why more people have not come forward – or why the FCC has yet to step in. Mark Masnik of TechDirt’s blog is a potential whistleblower and former Sprint customer who reports that Sprint sent notification that his “unlimited broadband” subscription will be changed to a five gigabyte limitation with additional fees of five cents per MB over, effective on his next bill.

The letter, as it appears on the site, seems to have the official Sprint logo on its letterhead and by all appearances resembles a legitimate notification that corporate would send its customers. But if this letter is real, then there is a real problem with Sprint’s advertising. The letter clearly expresses that the “unlimited broadband” service is no longer a service and that there will now be a five GB limit. But there are scarcely any other reports circulated by mainstream media to indicate that Sprint has decided to impose data caps.

On the contrary, advertisements for the Samsung Galaxy SIII launched this month hail Sprint as “the only wireless carrier to offer the device with unlimited data pricing plans.” And the slogan for Sprint’s smartphone, the HTC EVO 4G LTE is, “Unlimited Love Unlimited EVO.”

CNET recently investigated whether or not Sprint’s promise to offer broadband without data caps would affect the performance of data hogging devices such as the iPhone 4S, and the conclusion from the review was recommendation for potential customers to now make their move. But this report was from last month, so can it still be trusted?

A report from NASDAQ recently updated the title of their article from “Sprint to Offer Prepaid iPhone with Unlimited Data Plans” to “....Cheaper Data Plan.”

All that remains as evidence that Sprint continues to falsely advertise unlimited data despite switching the terms of their contracts with subscribers is this commercial:

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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