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June 13, 2012

What Wall Street Missed: The Short Story with Apple

There are lots of things that are annoying me these days. I turn on CNBC, and between the politics of the US and the EU, and the California/Silicon Valley love fest it’s hard to grasp the true stories at hand.

This week Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference [WWDC] went on and CNBC was there to cover, but it got bored quickly and did not see the big picture. Apple is on the path to world domination and while I would love to bet against it, the company has found ways to conquer many enemies one industry at a time. Rapidly, the story became one of not bringing in new customers (with the exception of China), but making sure the customers stayed loyal and never strayed.

Cramer talked about Intel’s role in Apple’s future, and Apple showed Flash Memory without mentioning Samsung. 

But the company in the spotlight was Google.

 And not just the maps. 

While I was not impressed with the maps piece I was impressed with the subtle ways they are removing Google from any role in the search experience on their devices.

Let me take you through what I saw.

  • Google Desktop searching function replaced by a general aspect of notifications
  • While Facebook friendly, Messages is out to beat Google Plus
  • While Microsoft friendly , iCloud is now competing with GoogleDocs

And then we have the upgrades to mail that clearly want to keep you at home.

In the land of the app store your typing generates answers from within the realm Apple has chosen for you.   

So now the question is what impact will it have on Google to have 400 million people having to make the extra effort to find their ways to Google? 

More importantly, think of the comparison of the way Facebook and Yelp are being integrated. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

So the lines are being drawn. 

Forgive me, the question that needs to be begged, but do we see this as a case of market dominance, aka a Net Neutrality concern? 

Like the Vonage commercial mocking the bundles of cable and incumbents with the couple holding up the puppy. 

It’s hard to resist Apple.

But the Internet has to be about more than one company. 

Google brings you the world, Apple wants to be your world.

Edited by Juliana Kenny

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