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August 20, 2012

Microsoft Proves that Windows Phone App Glitch is No Big Deal

Office 365 providers would probably prefer that the “most epic year” in the history of Microsoft go by a bit smoother, but this speculation is based on the series of glitches that have affected many of the new products and services – and not by anything the company has said to the public.

Because regardless of the problem, Microsoft will maintain that it is no big deal, and the issue will be fixed shortly. Often consumers find it annoying that Microsoft will maintain this facade and neglect to offer concrete dates.

Other times, as in this case, it seems that the problem really was no big deal, and indeed fixed shortly.

Last Tuesday, Microsoft postponed the publication of new Windows Phone apps after discovering a problem with the digital certification. The defect was said to only affect the phones that were upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5 (also called “Mango”) and a “small percentage” of the over 100,000 apps offered on Windows Phone Marketplace.

The action Microsoft took following the discovery was to direct developers to a forum where they could discuss the details and to recommend that users don’t uninstall any apps because the issue would be resolved “as quickly as possible.”

And true to their word, the Windows Phone Marketplace is back up and running today – less than a week after making the announcement.

Although this situation has seen immediate resolution, IT administrators had to wait until Patch Tuesday in order to resume running Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 servers. After a bug was found in Oracle Outside In libraries, Microsoft was accused of downplaying the severity of the situation.

Microsoft exasperated consumers further by making a vague deadline of “soon” which ended up being what some predicted as their monthly appointed time.

The firm’s apathetic attitude has led to the loss of even more fans when it proclaimed that Office for Mac 2011 was “Mountain Lion ready.” Many consumers found this statement to be grossly untrue, as Office for Mac 2011 is not compatible with Retina display – a signature feature of new MacBook Pros. Consumers have described the software as "crap."

In this situation, as in the others, Microsoft maintained that the problem is nothing special; however, Microsoft hesitated to promise a quick fix with this one.

Other than a few tweaks, Microsoft stated that there “will be not other immediate changes.” Now some sources claim that there will be no changes period.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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