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September 19, 2012

Fluke Networks Eases BYOD Challenge and Decreases Installation Costs with New Wi-Fi Sensor

Test and monitoring solutions provider Fluke Networks has announced a new sensor for monitoring Wi-Fi networks that removes the need to use Ethernet cables. The new sensor also decreases installation costs by up to two thirds in settings where installations of cable were not allowed due to costs or logistics.

The newly developed sensor, SmartEdge Sensor Series 4 for AirMagnet Enterprise, integrated with a wireless connect feature and three internal radios, enables the extension of Wi-Fi security and monitoring, is capable of handling the sudden growth in the wireless local area network (WLAN) and bring your own device (BYOD) areas.

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"With WLAN growth approaching $1-billion-per-quarter,2 and the dramatic increase in BYOD, the areas organizations need Wi-Fi performance and monitoring coverage is increasing exponentially," said Fluke Networks’ VP of the WLAN business unit, Chia-Chee Kuan.

Kuan also added that the SmartEdge sensor offers an answer to monitoring and securing an entire enterprise’s network by removing the roadblocks that are often caused by Ethernet cables.

Industry expert Jason Sokoloski, who is the president of Aercor, stated that more cost effective and less disruptive solutions for the deployment of wireless intrusion prevention systems (WIPS) technology are essential, which is a need that Fluke Networks’ SmartEdge sensor fills.

Sokoloski further added that the sensor enables him and his workforce to leap over challenges faced at customer sites, as well as prevent the need for unnecessary drilling for cable installations. Markets such as healthcare, where it’s critical to follow Infection Control Risk procedures for cleanliness and other strict measures during cable installations, also stand to benefit from the SmartEdge sensor.

The education sector is another beneficiary since schools can now have cables installed on school property without the need for drilling or digging up, which has traditionally led to damages to historic academic structures.

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