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October 16, 2012

ABI Predicts Mobile Security Growth

Things are looking up for the mobile security market, as ABI Research has predicted its revenue will reach $10.7 billion in the next five years. With the growth of managed services, the cloud and so on, security will become even more important, with cloud security, endpoint management, and security readiness assessments growing to meet higher demand.

The prediction is that mobile security services will be aimed mainly at the enterprise sector, as large organizations continue to adopt BYOD and add mobile devices to their infrastructure. The more devices there are, the more at risk they become, leading to an increased need for security.

While some organizations may keep their spending in-house for it, many others will turn to the mobile security market to protect their devices and data.

ABI’s research casts predictions from this year until 2012, focusing on mobile application security, mobile device hardware security, and mobile security service – each of which are themselves divided into segments.

The threats to mobile devices and the companies at risk are also included in the report, so one knows where to focus on security.

“Securely managing a growing number of devices within the enterprise is becoming a real issue as more and more workers use smartphones and tablets to perform core company tasks,” said Michela Menting, senior analyst at ABI. “The different phone brands, operating systems and versions place a growing burden on IT staff, often requiring separate security solutions to be tailored to each device type."

This is good news for security services, bad news for those who would attack a company’s devices or data. Still, it should serve as a note to enterprises to start preparing to spend more on security, as the need for secure devices may have never been greater, but it’s nowhere near its peak.

Stay safe, stay secure, and your business will stay strong.

Edited by Braden Becker

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