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October 18, 2012

A Look at SAMY, Canada's Fastest Growing Mobile Mall

MobileBits’ mobile marketing network, SAMY, has been highlighted as a fast-growing network that is designed to strengthen the relationship between vendors and consumers through mobile media. SAMY has been reported as an optimal marketing solution for online campaigning, and has signed deals with Canada’s favorite brands to prove it.

Unlike other references to “mobile malls” that refer to giant corporations such as eBay and Amazon, SAMY is a network of retailers that for now seem predominantly part of the food service industry. Some of the brands that SAMY supports include Mucho Burrito, Robins Donuts and a few pizza retailers. However, haircutters and pet foods are not excluded.

In recent reports following eBay, it seems that the retail giant has undergone some substantial transformations that include a mobile-first outlook. A mobile-first strategy is something that analysts predict is a major component for any of today’s online success stories. Although it might be too soon to tell, it seems that this strategy, which includes treating PayPal as a mobile wallet has served eBay well, and it will be what inevitably generates some serious revenue for the company in time for the holidays.

But for smaller retailers who do not have eBay’s Silicon Valley expertise, employing the services of experts could be a better solution. And because SAMY serves as a network of many smaller retailers, perhaps there will be some demonstrated results in the power of numbers.

According to Steve Michalopolus, the Vice President of Brand Development for Chairman’s Brands, “SAMY provides us an all encompassing mobile strategy that we can easily deploy through all our brands.”

Apparently, Canada is the third country that SAMY has extended its services towards. Not bad, eh?

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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