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October 30, 2012

LEAP Commerce's Best Decision Out to Make Mobile Shopping Better

Recent upticks in mobile commerce have provided a lot of new opportunities for businesses to get ahead, and at the same time, have called for improvements in the way mobile shopping is done to make the experience better for users.

That's where LEAP Commerce comes in with its new Best Decision v 3.1, launched just yesterday and now available on the App Store.

Best Decision looks to improve mobile shopping for iPhone and iPad users alike by providing a one-stop shopping location of sorts, allowing users to shop at several different online stores or sites by way of the Universal Cart, a system that improves the mobile experience by streamlining it substantially and allowing users to look for the same item in different places, comparing by price to find the best deal or make that titular “best decision.”

Best Decision can also provide an update on what's being stocked in certain stores, as well as watching for particular items to go on sale across a variety of stores.

Perhaps best of all, there's even a social element involved, as users can go shopping together using Facebook, Twitter, text messaging or e-mail to share ideas about which things to buy, even allowing for polls to be staged, letting friends vote on their choices.

Improving the shopping experience is vital for any business that focuses on retail, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar shop or its online equivalent. Best Decision looks to go a long way toward improving that experience on the mobile level, allowing for rapid price comparisons, rapid item comparisons, and then bringing in a social element to round out the proceedings to allow groups to shop together.

This not only allows users to make the shopping experience an efficient one that yields the best possible value; it also allows it to become a fun experience shared with friends, encompassing most every motive for shopping there is.

This combination may well be the best effort yet at tailoring the shopping experience to how users use and navigate their mobile devices. In an environment in which getting customers to part with cash is a difficult prospect, making the experience better – whether by improving value, improving entertainment or both – is important for businesses of all sizes.

Edited by Braden Becker

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