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November 06, 2012

AT&T Will Charge You What for a Nokia Lumia 920 with Two Year Contract? A Great Price!

Well, the news is finally out – AT&T will only charge consumers $100 to get themselves a brand new Nokia Lumia 920 and a new two year contract. The bottom line here is that however which way you slice it, that is one enormously attractive price. The Lumia 920 is worth much more than $100 which means that consumers would be getting a truly great deal here.

We’ve speculated about what price AT&T should bring the Lumia 920 in at, and we concluded that $149 would be a rather good price point. Well, AT&T has more than exceeded our expectations here – and this should give both Nokia and Microsoft a moment of positive reflection. The final piece of the Nokia Lumia puzzle has now fallen into place and we can only encourage people to get themselves to the stores and make sure to check the Lumia 920 out thoroughly – especially the camera capabilities.

Image via www.att.com

We haven’t heard yet what AT&T might look to charge customers in the middle of their contracts to grab the Lumia 920. We know that the 16 GB iPhone 5 for those among us in the middle of our contracts can be had for the price of a new two year contract plus $250 (that adds up to $449). This middle of the contract band of subscribers is significant, and perhaps Nokia, Microsoft and AT&T can work together to find a way to bring the cost of a middle of the contract upgrade down to a price point that would make it a no brainer to give the Lumia 920 a real whirl.

What price point might inspire a consumer to step up from a current Samsung Galaxy S III or an iPhone 4 or 4S? Well, at $100 for new or expired contract subscribers we would love to see a special offer head to our inbox (a text message would work as well) for our original $149. That price point would truly require us to spend some serious time thinking about it – in fact it would very likely be enough to get us out to the stores themselves to give the Lumia 920 a real test run. That would be true frictionless pricing.

AT&T needs to be commended for bringing the Lumia 920 in at a price that can make a real difference in holiday sales. Of course we don’t know what Nokia and/or Microsoft had to cough up to make such a price point real, but the real game for the holiday season is to seed the market with as much Windows Phone 8 hardware as possible – revenue is purely a secondary issue at this stage of the game.

Folks, it’s time to give the Lumia 920 a spin.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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