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November 07, 2012

AdJuggler Releases Version 8 Supporting Expanded Features for Mobile Campaign

A provider of SaaS-based digital ad management technology and media services for publishers and ad networks, AdJuggler Inc., has released version 8 of its platform. It provides extensive targeting and monetization capabilities for inventory on iOS and Android tablets and smartphone devices.

The new release supports application-centric mobile providers, as well as publishers and networks seeking to integrate display, mobile, and video in one campaign and on one unified platform. Through AdJuggler’s Exchange Media Program, customers can monetize their in-app and mobile Web inventory with programmatic buying.

John Shomaker, CEO of AdJuggler, stated that since the rapid evolution of smartphones and tablets is enabling both mobile Web and mobile applications to be increasingly effective in advertising channels, the usage shift to mobile is undeniable.

“Equally important, our customers tell us they want to support integrated campaigns, across a common work flow, and a common platform. Version 8 leverages the same intuitive interface, yet now with expanded features for mobile campaigns, targeting, and reporting,” added Shomaker.

Christopher Weiss, VP of Media Services, mentioned that this release will provide customers with IAB compliant software development kits (SDKs). These kits adhere to the emerging Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID) and Open Rich Media Mobile Advertising (ORMMA) application programming interface.

By integrating these into iOS and Android applications, its publishers and developers are opening up new ad revenue streams. The cornerstone of this release is its hyper-accurate GPS-based targeting, which integrates AOL’s MapQuest interactive maps so users can click to target specific mobile geographic hot zones without having to enter cumbersome coordinates.

A new cookie-less post-click tracking mechanism tailored to mobile environments, AdJuggler version 8 boasts tablet and smartphone targeting by mobile carrier, manufacturer, model, and operating system. Based on the value and preferences of each unique user, AdJuggler enables publishers and networks to source and manage all media through one, integrated platform.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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