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November 12, 2012

Clearwire Planning to Stuff Some Stockings with High-End Holiday Fare

Given that Black Friday, regarded by many as the official start of the holiday shopping season--despite the fact that many stores have had their Christmas decorations up for somewhere between a month and two months or more prior--it's not surprising to hear about more specials and big deals coming in for the season. Clearwire will prove no exception, as several CLEAR 4G devices will put some extra punch in the holiday season for users.

Several of Clearwire's devices have seen some deep discounting ahead of the holiday season, with the CLEAR Spot Voyager and the CLEAR Hub Express both getting 50 percent markdowns. The CLEAR Stick Atlas, meanwhile, also got a price drop, though not quite as deep as those of its fellows in the market, dropping from $49.99 to $39.99.

The devices themselves, meanwhile, bring plenty to the table in their own right. The CLEAR Spot Voyager, for example, serves as a personal hotspot that goes where it's needed, allowing as many as eight different devices to share unlimited Internet access. Of course, there are some caveats on that "unlimited" part, having to do with Clearwire's Acceptable Use Policy and similar facets of the network management system.

The CLEAR Hub Express, meanwhile, does much the same that the CLEAR Spot Voyager does, though without the mobility. It's a combination modem and wireless router, specifically geared for home and office users that allow devices to connect from up to 150 feet away.

Finally, the CLEAR Stick Atlas is specifically designed for mobile devices with a USB port, as it allows for rapid connection to the Internet and all from one simple device that just plugs into a USB port to work. It works with most commonly-available operating systems, including Windows XP to Windows 8, and it even has a visual display, using primarily LED lights, to show signal strength and connection status alike.

Considering that Clearwire made headlines not too long ago for its work with victims of Hurricane Sandy, their offerings are still looking pretty sharp and are in wide use throughout the New York area and beyond. This should give them plenty of credibility in the marketplace in terms of their overall value, and the recent price drops should be just as useful in getting people interested in just what Clearwire has to offer.

Those looking for a little extra connectivity in 2013, or who'd like to pick up a shot of the same for friends or family, may want to check into the special deals offered out at Clearwire.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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