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November 15, 2012

Telespree Providing Real-Time Data Services to Clearwire's 4G Wholesale Network

Telespree Communications, an enabler of cloud-based wireless data services, signed an agreement with Clearwire Corporation to provide real-time 4G data usage monitoring services to the network operator. Clearwire will leverage a handful of Telespree's services — on-device service enablement, active session monitoring, real-time charging, and proactive alerting services — in order to support mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) wholesale customers.

"Telespree is a preferred partner and its Mobile Services Platform enables Clearwire to offer enhanced 4G mobile broadband services to our wholesale partners and their customers," said Rick Hausman, VP of Wholesale Operations at Clearwire. "Telespree's real-time capabilities increase the flexibility and competitiveness of our wholesale 4G offering in the marketplace."

The incorporation of Telespree's Mobile Services Platform will allow Clearwire wholesale customers to offer subscribers on-device, real-time tracking as well as notification and alerts in regards to 4G data use. Additionally, Telespree will provide rating services that support diverse data offerings, such as family data sharing plans or pay-per-use plans.

Meanwhile, MVNOs will be able to meter 4G mobile data services, track time and data usage activity, and cut off and redirect data sessions in real time. These solutions can even be integrated into MVNOs' loyalty and signature programs.

"Telespree's suite of mobile data services supports Clearwire's leadership in delivering best-in-class 4G mobile broadband services," said Ellen Schwab, CEO of Telespree. "We are excited to leverage our experience with MVNOs and wholesale partners to provide a dynamic, scalable solution that helps Clearwire's customers further differentiate their brands, provide additional revenue streams and better manage network costs."

In April of this year, Telespree signed a similar agreement with Simplexity MVNO Services, a fully integrated mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE). Under the terms of the agreement, Simplexity is now leveraging Telespree's complete range of data services, including all those now being used by Clearwire.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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