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November 19, 2012

BroadSoft Inc. Launches New Website, MonetizeLTE.com

These days, many mobile network operators and Internet service providers are relying on the Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile network technology and wireless spectrum for high-speed data communication services while on the move. They are converging on LTE, believing it will take them to the next stage in the evolution of mobile connectivity.

Several mobile network operators see the benefits of LTE and are planning to launch LTE services in 2012 or 2013. They value the evolution of LTE and 4G mobile communications technology to give their customers a unique experience.

As a global mobile phone standard, LTE presents advanced wireless services including fast, high capacity for data services (like mobile IP data traffic) and mobile ultra-broadband Internet access to computing resources and applications from the cloud.

A 4G LTE system, primarily, provides operators a robust service via a wireless spectrum that enhances a mobile broadband experience. It is a cost-effective solution to carry data traffic or offer rich voice, video and text services (SMS) on its circuit switched networks.

Mobile operators are embracing LTE for its mobility and interoperability; they can offer high speed mobile broadband services in delivering voice or data over LTE. This wireless communication standard offers enhancements to existing mobile technologies; it is capable of providing great coverage over an effective simplified network architecture to exploit increased data transfer speeds and faster mobile broadband Internet services.

Through BroadSoft Inc., a company that offers unified communications (UC) over their Internet protocol network and has several telecommunications service provider customers that have adopted LTE-enabled UC services, customers have a provider of Voice over LTE or VoLTE. They offer solutions for digital voice with speed and ease via SIP trunking.

Consumers and businesses alike can learn a lot about the latest standard in the mobile network technology, LTE, and its future to meet ever increasing demands to effectively carry VoIP from BroadSoft’s newly launched website, www.MonetizeLTE.com, which was revealed on November 15th.

Michael Tessler, president and chief executive officer, BroadSoft, says there has been a growing interest in handheld devices with mobile connectivity. He claims the sales of the globe's LTE markets are on the rise and that service providers worldwide have been investing significantly in expanding their LTE networks to enhance growing customer demands for UC services.

Scott Hoffpauir, chief technology officer, BroadSoft, adds that their new website provides a single source of information to learn about everything and anything LTE.

Some of the most useful features site visitors can access from the BroadSoft Inc. MonetizeLTE site, Hoffpauir  calls attention to is, the latest news, research and market trends on developments and expert opinions on LTE networks and technologies. He stresses how important this site is to discover this new mobile network technology.

To know the foreseeable future of 4G/LTE, visit the MonetizeLTE website as it brings to light the benefits of 4G networks in ways that have not yet been conceived. Site visitors may see why it is that LTE will likely be the best choice for mobile customers in the US and abroad in the future.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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