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December 10, 2012

New Version of Altair's HiQube Business Analytics Goes Mobile

Altair announced today that it has released v7.0 of its HiQube simulation-driven business analytics and performance optimization platform.  Altair has been around for 27 years and specializes in high-end software for engineering and computing, enterprise analytics solutions that optimize the analysis, management and visualization of business and engineering information. The company has numerous customers across a broad range of industries, and is privately held. It is also large, with 1,800 employees currently in hand.

HiQube is designed to work in concert with existing IT business infrastructure to deliver self-driven, advanced analytics capabilities throughout an enterprise.  The new, just released v7.0 highlights the delivery of Altair’s first real mobile capability.

The new mobile app, available for the iPhone and iPad, will enable business decision-makers to access powerful business analytics capabilities remotely and quickly to capitalize further on the value of enterprise information. Executives working in the field, meeting off-site, conferring with prospects or evaluating performance at plant sites now can view all the relevant analytical data from multiple perspectives on their mobile devices through the new app.

The app is free to users who maintain a current license for HiQube and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.  Non-HiQube users can download the app and make use of a demo server in order to scope out and experience HiQube’s mobile through a hosted demo business model.

"The mobile app is fast, easy to view and straightforward to navigate," notes senior vice president of HiQube software development Giuseppe Strafforello. "With our new app, on-the-go business executives can carry in their hand the same deep intelligence that they have at their fingertips on the desktop."

The release of HiQube 7.0 includes numerous other new productivity enhancements, including the introduction of what Altair refers to as Data Modeler.  Data Modeler uses a wizard-driven approach to automate entire workflow processes to import data from any source, create interactive reports and dashboards, and publish on desktop and mobile devices for team collaboration. 

Additional productivity and core technology advancements include:

  • Multi-core processing to accelerate the navigation of sparse and large data sets.  This new functionality will allow business users and developers to explore and visualize large data sets more quickly and sparse data stores – which becomes critical to do as the volume, variety and velocity of information continues to increase.
  • An extended SAP connector that, using the latest software development kit from SAP, will support both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures for both Windows and Linux systems. The upgrade improves access to a broader range of data sets from the SAP environment.
  • New single and multi-objective optimization algorithms that expand HiQube's library of optimization methods for advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics.
  • A sophisticated macro debugging tool that enables developers to easily and quickly find and correct errors in macro codes authored in HiQube.
  • Embedded SSL support, which eliminates the need for third-party components to secure data. HiQube now offers a native embedded method to achieve https-type capabilities while interacting with the HiQube server.
  • A new chart type added to HiQube's visualization portfolio: the waterfall chart. It extends HiQube's collection of 25 chart types, the broadest in the business intelligence market.
  • A capability to export and import model schemas so they can be used later or shared with colleagues.  This new feature lets developers bring back model schemas easily.

"Our development strategy is to continue to automate the exploration and analysis of business information to guide decision-making," said Michael J. Kidder, senior vice president of Altair Business Analytics Marketing.  "The advancements in this release significantly reduce the support burden on IT staff while increasing availability of and access to analytics at all levels.  We look forward to supporting our clients and valued business partners in building powerful business solutions on the HiQube 7.0 analytics platform." 

Edited by Rich Steeves

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