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December 13, 2012

Verizon Explains How to Turn Your Phone into a Mobile Hotspot

As the world of mobile increasingly encroaches upon the world of traditional computing, we're beginning to see technologies combine to promote convenience for the end user. The most common example of this, perhaps, is data tethering, or sharing your phone's data connection with one or more Wi-Fi devices.

While some are very familiar with data tethering — or creating a "Mobile Hotspot," as it has become more commonly known —for many less tech savvy users, accessing this function may seem a daunting task. While in some cases this used to be true, fortunately most modern smartphones make it really easy to create a mobile hotspot. What's more, the very same wireless network providers that once fought this capability have no embraced it.

For example, Verizon Wireless has been running free online and in-store Wireless Workshops in order to teach subscribers about features such as the mobile hotspot. In fact, the mobile operator recently explained how to setup a mobile hotspot for most major operating systems.

For Android, iOS 4.3 and higher, BlackBerry 7.1 and higher, and Windows 8, the process is as simple as going into settings and finding the portable (Android), personal (iOS) or mobile hotspot (BlackBerry) feature. For Windows 8, the option is under "Internet Sharing."

Verizon is quick to point out, however, that while users with a Share Everything plan can activate mobile hotspot functionality with no restrictions, other data plans may have additional costs associated with accessing this feature.

In a report from earlier in the year, Juniper Research predicted that by 2016, 24 percent of mobile traffic will be from notebook computers and e-readers, suggesting the popularity of mobile hotspots, along with dedicated USB 3G/4G adapters, will continue to rise.

This isn't too surprising, either, as the convenience of Internet connectivity while on the go has become essential for many.

Edited by Braden Becker

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