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December 17, 2012

Verivo Software Expands its Mobile Enterprise Development Partner Network

Recently, Verivo Software, a veteran enterprise mobility player focused on mobile app development, announced that it has added several new partners to its channel program. Verivo has a good number of its own direct customers, but in order to both continue to grow enterprise demand for its mobile app development platform, as well as better meet what has been growing demand for the platform itself, the company is now more aggressively growing its partner and channel base. By expanding its program, Verivo now offers its mobility platform to select partners.

Each of these new partners is actively pursuing mobility, and partnering with Verivo will help each of them accelerate their customers’ mobile initiatives. Along with that growth, Verivo should find plenty of new sales for its platform.

A recent Markets and Markets report notes that enterprise mobility continues to grow at a record pace. Markets and Markets anticipates that the enterprise mobility market will increase from $67 billion in 2011 to about $181 billion by 2017. This represents a compound annual growth rate of 15.17 percent, and Verivo is looking to better position itself to tap into the opportunities it represents.

Verivo’s enterprise mobility development platform does an excellent job of allowing enterprises to build mobile apps quickly, and to deploy them simultaneously across multiple devices. The platform also allows enterprises to easily manage the apps, as well as update and redeploy those apps quickly back out to the field.

Verivo’s platform includes AppStudio — a visual and primarily drag-and-drop software development tool that enables users to centrally build and maintain sophisticated apps without having to write code for multiple devices. This eliminates the need to have device-specific skills in-house or re-submit updated apps to the app stores.

The company most recently announced platform enhancements back in August 2012. In addition, the company has finally gotten on the HTML5 bandwagon, and began to deliver “measured” support in May 2012.

Verivo’s partner program aims to assist resellers and system integrators to deliver large enterprise-class mobile initiatives to their customers. Some of the new companies joining Verivo’s roster include:

  • Birlasoft: A provider of information technology services to Fortune 500 as well as mid-sized organizations. Verivo’s platform now allows Birlasoft to directly offer mobility solutions to its customers, adding to its overall expertise in enterprise application services, custom application development & management, and engineering services.
  • Collabera: An end-to-end IT services and solutions provider that works with many Global 2000 organizations. The two companies are currently collaboratively developing a go-to-market strategy to take advantage of Collabera’s dedicated mobility practice with technology and domain credentials, including proficiency in multiple operating systems and hybrid application development capabilities.
  • EPAM: A software engineering and IT consulting provider with core competencies that include complex software product engineering, development, testing, maintenance and support of mission critical business applications. Verivo has entered into a partnership with EPAM to tap into its vast systems integration experience for maintaining enterprise apps and provide their customers a mobile platform.
  • FiveFish: A Netherlands-based vendor that supports companies in achieving their strategic goals by mobilizing their business. Verivo selected FiveFish as the company’s first European partner so it can continue to build on its international expansion plans and to better support its growing European customer base.
  • Mobility Effect: A professional services firm that focuses on architecting, designing and building complex enterprise mobile applications on Verivo’s platform.
  • Virtusa: An end-to-end IT services vendor with Global 2000 customers, Virtusa provides consulting, application maintenance, development, systems integration and managed services. Verivo is collaborating with Virtusa specifically to help enterprise customers enhance the business processes via mobile initiatives.

We’ve covered Verivo Software for almost a decade, dating back to when it was known as Pyxis Software and at a time when its platform specifically targeted the financials market, along with a special focus on Research in Motion (RIM) apps, back when RIM was the only legitimate enterprise game in town. In truth the company started with palmPilot apps, but we won’t go there!

The company has long recognized the BYOD inroads of Android and iPhone markets and has spent the last three to four years driving cross-platform mobile app development. We believe the company has done an excellent job here. It has been slow to get into the HTML5 game, but now recognizes and supports the need to do so.

Steven Levy, who took the reins as CEO of Verivo Software in July 2010 back when the company was still known as Pyxis (and who ushered in the name change to Verivo), notes that, “The enterprise mobility market is moving at a breakneck pace and companies are looking to accelerate their business results by turning ideas into mobile initiatives – rapidly and securely. Our growing partner ecosystem will allow us to meet global demand for our platform, while leveraging our partner’s technical expertise.”

There is a good bit of competition in the mobile app platform space, although SAP acquired several mobile players over the last few years. These include niche mobile player Syclo and the far larger Sybase/iAnywhere, both of which, along with several HTML5 partners, allow SAP to pretty much control its own mobile fate where large SAP installations are present. Appcelerator is another competitor, as is Antenna Software, which last week released enhancements to its own mobile app development platform in order to embrace a range of external third party mobile app tool vendors (such as Sencha and PhoneGap).

We anticipate catching up with Verivo in depth in early January 2013. Stay tuned.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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