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December 21, 2012

Movius Interactive Corporation Tags 2012 as a Critical Year for BYOD

A global dealer in solution enablement for service providers, Movius Interactive Corporation, stated that this has been a critical year for BYOD. With the launch of its myIdentities BYOD solution, the company has addressed the challenges of the growing BYOD trend for enterprises, employees and operators. While securing enterprise assets and systems from Smartphone devices it has no control over, enterprises have struggled with the BYOD trend for years, as it tried to minimize mobile device and contract costs.

Meanwhile, since the employee is unclear of how much access a corporation may have over their personal information and applications, the end-user adoption of BYOD solutions in the form of Mobile Device Management (MDM) have struggled primarily due to lack of perceived privacy from Big Brother.

Lastly and most importantly, without any clear upside, service providers launching BYOD solutions in the market have little incentive to resell BYOD services. To increase service provider revenues and offerings, Movius’ myIdentities BYOD solution is the only solution in the market to address end-user privacy; enterprise cost reductions and security as well as a 2nd Voice Line.

By providing multiple workspaces on the same device along with multiple mobile voice and data accounts, Movius myIdentities BYOD provides end-user privacy, reduced mobile costs for the enterprise, IT security and increased service provider upside in the form of increased voice and data usage due to the ability to have multiple voice lines on the same device with only one SIM card.

For Movius, this has been a key topic of discussion at a number of industry events including the Wireless Technology Forum, this past May. Movius participated in a BYOD panel which included experts from AT&T, Airwatch and RIM. The important issues of IT security, service provider revenues and end user privacy were addressed by Jose Romero, director of Marketing and Technology at Movius.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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