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December 31, 2012

Nokia's Rumored Tablet Looks Closer to Being Launched

According to the Verge, which has a few details on the rumored device, Nokia plans to launch its Windows RT-powered tablet early next year, which will boast a special keyboard cover that will have its own battery will be paired up with the tablet, ultimately allowing it to run as an auxiliary power supply.

According to the report, enveloping the device like a book, the keyboard cover will also come with a kickstand for the tablet. Like the Microsoft Surface, the tablet boasts a 10.1-inch display and will have HDMI and USB ports along with a cellular connection.

The first carrier partner to sell the device will reportedly be AT&T. For additional comments, CNET contacted Nokia and AT&T. For Nokia, a significant expansion would be marked by a tablet. Nokia focused largely on its core smartphone business and the development of its Windows Phone-powered Lumia product line and has pared down many of its side projects.

As the company works to turn itself around, it has seen its market share in the business tumble. For customers, a stripped down version of Windows 8, Windows RT, hasn't shown to be that popular, although it is capable of utilizing more power efficient chips used in other smartphones and tablets.

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The most notable product to use within Microsoft's new operating system is Surface; however, it has also seen limited demand. To get consumers to start looking at Windows-powered tablets, it’s unclear what Nokia can really bring to the table. So far, consumers have either preferred the array of lower-priced Android tablets from Amazon and Google or Apple's iPad.

To start with, a small number of tablets will initially be built by Nokia, and in late February, it may debut the product at Mobile World Congress. A Nokia executive, in November, said that the company would have a tablet running on Windows 8.

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