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January 15, 2013

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Introduces Low Voltage MOSFETS for Mobile Use

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS), a designer, developer and global supplier of power semiconductors and ICs, recently introduced a new family of devices designed for portable electronics. Available in tiny DFN 1.0mm x 0.6mm and ultra-small DFN 1.6mm x 1.6mm packages, these MOSFETs  are ideal for mobile devices, including tablets, eReaders, smartphones, digital cameras, portable media players and ultrabooks.

"These new tiny DFN power packages utilize AlphaMOS technology, which enables exceptional performance and makes it possible for affordable form factor solutions for the wireless mobile market," said Peter Wilson, director of Low Voltage MOSFETs at AOS, in a statement.

Both the AON1605 and AON1606 are housed in the tiny DFN 1.0x0.6 package, while the AON1611, AON1620 and AON1634 feature the ultra-small DFN 1.6x1.6 package. All of these devices sport ultra-low resistance, reduce conduction loss and result in lower power consumption and increased battery life. Furthermore, the compact footprint and ultra-thin profile of both power packages offers greater efficiency in space-constrained applications.

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor has developed extensive intellectual property and technical knowledge, encompassing the latest advancements in the semiconductor industry. This allows the company to introduce new, innovative products that address the complex power requirements of today's advanced electronics.

In December, AOS introduced two new additions to its 80V and 100V AlphaMOS medium voltage portfolio with the AON7280 and AON7290. These products are suited to a wide range of applications, including secondary side synchronous rectification in DC/DC and AC/DC converters, POL modules for telecom systems and POE networking applications. Built using AOS proprietary AlphaMOS technology, both the 80V AON7280 and 100V AON7290 boast ultra-low RDS(ON).

In October, AOS introduced a new patent-pending technology, XSFET, which the company claims sets a new standard in power density and technology innovation. XSFET incorporates the packaging technology in which the bottom of the package is the "source," enabling power designers to remove heat more effectively to the PCB ground plane.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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