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January 24, 2013

T-Mobile Launches New Solutions

There are two new business-to-business solutions coming from T-Mobile USA: the T-Mobile Office Connect unified communications solution, and the T-Mobile Mobile Device Payment Solution (MDPS). These are designed to address the challenge in reducing wireless costs, wile providing alternatives to industry solutions for unmet customers.

With the T-Mobile Office Connect solution, one can streamline accessibility and improve their responsiveness by extending desk phone capabilities to their mobile phones. It’s integrated into T-Mobile’s nationwide network, so employees can access everything through a single phone number and voicemail box, letting them answer more calls and transition between mobile and desk phone numbers with ease.

Furthermore, Office Connect can save money by routing international calls in the most affordable option available. Long distance calls, meanwhile, are billed at a business rate, so it costs less to call those farther away.

Then there’s the Mobile Device Payment Solution, which lets businesses pay for devices over time, with no interest and at a competitive rate. Qualified Corporate Liable customers can also reserve capital and use CFS to finance their upfront costs. With this, it’s easier than ever to pay for the mobile devices you need, without needing to invest a huge amount upfront.

"Today, mobile devices are critical extensions of an organization's business infrastructure,” says Frank Sickinger, T-Mobile's Senior Vice President of B2B. “Therefore, making and protecting strategic mobile investments are more pivotal than ever before. Our new unified communications and equipment financing solutions demonstrate T-Mobile's commitment, as the 'Un-Carrier,’ to challenge the status quo for our B2B customers."

T-Mobile customers will be pleased with these new solutions, which improve accessibility and responsiveness while reducing costs. Both are available now, and are worth looking into for anyone in the market.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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