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February 04, 2013

Is Blackberry Poised to Make a Comeback?

Research In Motion was facing such an uphill battle when it came to a comeback for its Blackberry device. The company was actually facing such an uphill battle that they decided to officially change their name in hopes that the new name would give them a little bit of a boost.

Now formally known as Blackberry, the company is set to launch its newest Blackberry phone with a revamped operating system it hopes will get the firm back in the game.

While the company has seen one mistake after another befall it over the last few years, there are some signs that Blackberry could actually find a way to make a comeback. The company is getting ready to launch the Blackberry 10 operating system as well as two phones, the Z10 and the Q10. 

Ian Fogg, senior principal analyst for industry analyst for HIS, says these moves could keep the company in the smartphone game for a little while longer at least.

It’s also possible that it will actually be able to get into the game in a much stronger way over the next few months.

Fogg did say that there was one thing the company would need to focus on in order to really make the comeback. "Operator backing will be critical for BlackBerry’s future success. The company needs operators to support its marketing efforts and to communicate that BlackBerry 10 is not just another brand, but a genuinely differentiated product from the scores of Android smartphones," Fogg said in a recent statement.

Fogg also said the stumbles of Microsoft in the Windows phone could be a big boost for Blackberry. Of course, the company needs to find a way to stop its own struggles in order to take advantage of another’s failings.

It is also going to have to work pretty hard to gain the trust of organizations and individual users alike if it looks to finish the great comeback.

Edited by Braden Becker

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