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February 07, 2013

MOBI Wireless Management Puts Efficiency First through AOTMP Certification Program

MOBI Wireless Management is going to participate in the Efficiency First Solution Certification Program, according to information services company AOTMP. This means MOBI will align its solution capabilities with the Efficiency First Framework – a standard which strives for technical, financial and operational efficiency in enterprise fixed and mobile telecommunications environments.

"We are very excited to participate in the AOTMP Efficiency First Solution Certification Program," said Mitch Black, president of MOBI Wireless Management, in a statement. "The Program, focused on thoroughly evaluating our capabilities, will provide information that we will use to drive innovation inside of MOBI and enhance our offerings for existing and prospective customers alike."

The Efficiency First Solution Certification Program consists in three stages — diagnostic, scoring and certification — and will help MOBI to identify and close gaps in its capabilities, while also enhancing the efficiency of its solution. Furthermore, program participation is a way to demonstrate MOBI's commitment to excellence and its desire to provide a first-class solution.

"By benchmarking its solution against best-in-class offerings, the Efficiency First Solution Certification Program will enable MOBI Wireless Management to deliver more value to clients," said AOTMP CEO Tim Lybrook. "AOTMP is excited to partner with MOBI Wireless Management throughout this Program and highly anticipates MOBI's forthcoming Efficiency First Solution Certification."

Back in January, AOTMP released the finalists for its Industry Excellence Awards. An AOTMP panel of judges determined finalists in three different categories: Global TEM/WMM Excellence, Fixed and Mobile Business Excellence, and Wireless Mobility Excellence. An award will be given for each category to a company that has "demonstrated outstanding performance" in those fields.

This week, MDSL, a provider of global telecom expense management (TEM), technology lifecycle management and market data management solutions, pointed out that one its clients has been selected as one of two finalists in the Global TEM/WMM category.

Edited by Braden Becker

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