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February 14, 2013

New Content Delivery Network by AT&T for All Businesses

We live in a constantly connected world that seems to never be connected enough. Today, businesses see any delay in delivering mobile apps, webpages or videos as a potential loss of customers. AT&T would like to help.

On February 13, 2013, AT&T announced its enhanced, high-performance content delivery network (CDN) offering for businesses of all sizes. AT&T is providing CDN to help businesses deliver, manage and make the most of their mobile and Web content, regardless of the mobile device being used.

CDN is a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers on the Internet. The goal of a CDN is to serve content to end users with high availability and high performance. CDNs serve a large portion of the Internet content today, including Web objects, downloadable items, applications, live streaming media, on-demand streaming media, and social networks.

Jon Summers, senior vice president or growth platforms for AT&T Business Solutions, said, “Our customers require high-performing, secure and reliable content delivery solutions to help them deal with a virtual sea of digital assets like mobile apps, movies, live events and other rich web content. Our new CDN solution allows them to manage and deliver content faster and more efficiently to end-users across broadband, mobile, Wi-Fi, and Intranet connections to virtually any device."

Two months ago, AT&T announced a global strategic alliance with Akamai Technologies. The alliance is intended to provide a variety of content delivery network solutions. The Akamai Intelligent Platform is a reputable cloud platform for delivering secure, high-performing user experiences to any device, anywhere. It reaches globally and delivers locally, spanning 81 countries and over 1,100 of the world's networks.

The system engages over 125,000 servers deployed in more than 2,100 locations as of 2012.

AT&T is planning a similar offering for other global companies as well. The goal behind deploying Akamai’s CDN infrastructure within AT&T's network infrastructure is to give more efficient content routing and better delivery of digital content, video and Web applications. This should result in a better end-user experience.

AT&T’s CDN is designed to help businesses in the following way:

  • Enable website pages to load faster across nearly any network-connected device, including all mobile devices
  • Accelerate software distribution securely across their enterprise networks and to customers
  • Provide fast and highly secure distribution of content-rich applications, like high-definition video, across nearly any connected device
  • Ensure business-critical enterprise and cloud applications are highly secure and perform well for global Internet users outside of corporate firewalls
  • Significantly improve the performance of e-commerce, financial and other Web and mobile transactions that rely on dynamic, personalized or other non-cacheable data

"Enterprises today need to deliver rich content to their customers efficiently, at a high quality level and in the format the customer desires," said Cindy Whelan, Principal Analyst, Business Network and Wholesale Services, Current Analysis. "Services like AT&T Content Delivery Network can assist enterprises in meeting these requirements by enabling them to manage, maximize, and accelerate the flow of digital assets, creating seamless mobile and web experiences regardless of device."

Edited by Braden Becker

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