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February 20, 2013

SwiftKey 4 Boasts Improved Prediction, Adds 'Flow' Gesture Typing

The latest version of SwiftKey, the highly regarded Android keyboard that learns how you type to provide more accurate predictions, was made available early this morning. While SwiftKey 4 brings a handful of general improvements that will improve its overall user experience, the main addition receiving all the attention is its new "Flow" swipe-to-type mode.

"SwiftKey Flow" is a new method of gesture typing for SwiftKey, allowing users to draw out words without lifting their finger off of the screen to type. Many Android users, particularly those who have used a Samsung device, are probably familiar with this as Samsung's Swype gesture keyboard was the first to offer this type of typing.

However, SwiftKey 4 also features "Flow through Space," which allows users to type whole sentences without lifting up their finger once, rather than just words. Of course, SwiftKey's new Flow feature also stands apart from similar offerings with the keyboard's advanced error correction and word prediction, which is improved in version 4.

Of course, more traditional tap typing is still available and also offers excellent word prediction capabilities that grow stronger as SwiftKey learns your typing style — whether two thumbs is your thing, or simply tapping each letter with a single finger. New users can even give SwiftKey an idea of their typing style right away by allowing it access to their Twitter, Facebook and e-mail accounts to help it get an idea of your style.

Lastly, SwiftKey 4 also adds support for over 60 languages, with many represented in their own character sets. Current SwiftKey users can access this update for free, while new users will have to throw down two dollars.

Back in May, SwiftKey CEO Jon Reynolds discussed the possibility of releasing SwiftKey for the iPhone and Windows Phone, but pointed out that those two platforms are too locked down for it to be possible.

Instead, he pointed to new markets, such as healthcare, as possibilities for the company.

Edited by Braden Becker

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