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February 21, 2013

Flickr Releases New iOS Update Improving Photo Saving and Social Tagging

Flickr has been on a mission to improve and churn out new updates for its iOS app. The company totally revamped its app, releasing a 2.0 version in December, and has since released two new updates making significant changes for iPhone, iPod and iPad users.

The popular photo sharing app’s most significant change comes with a promise to deliver faster uploading. Unfortunately, patience is a trait not often seen in this society, so offering faster uploading should, frankly, please everyone.

Snapping photos will now be easier for users too, as Flickr has adopted the iDevice’s volume up feature to take a photo. With Apple’s Stock Camera app, users can simply snap a picture by pressing the volume up button instead of having to press the small box located on the touch screen.

As someone who thinks or tries to emulate a professional photographer, I certainly take a lot of pictures with my iPhone and sometimes I’d like to edit and apply different filters to have several versions of my image. Prior to this latest update, Flickr users didn’t have that option but the company has improved its photo backup capabilities and users will be able to save the original picture taken within the Flickr app before deciding which edits to make or which filters to apply to the image.

Flickr seems to be adopting some of its main rivals’ features by enhancing its social foot print. One of the reasons Instagram’s popularity grew so fast was the ability to interact and share photos with friends by tagging their username to a photo. Like Instagram, the app will notify you when one of your friends mentions you in a comment.

With a higher-resolution photo display and the ability for users will to download photos from their Photostream and save them onto their iDevice’s camera roll, Flickr is taking all the necessary steps to compete with its main competitors. 

Edited by Rich Steeves

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