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February 21, 2013

Independent GSM Network Committed to A2P SMS Delivery is Launched by Dialogue Communications

Dialogue Communications specializes in delivering mobile messaging and mobile billing solutions for businesses. They were established in 1994 and deal with both large as well as small businesses around the world. Its headquarters are in Sheffield, UK.

Recently, Dialogue announced the launch of its new, independently operated Global System for Mobile Communications (or as we know it GSM) network that is dedicated to the movement of Application to Person (A2P) SMS messaging. This move puts Dialogue into the world of operators.

Dialogue CEO, Hugh Spear said, “It’s all about offering our customers the highest levels of reliability and quality for delivery of SMS through our secure messaging platform. As our worldwide carriage volumes continue to grow, the launch of our own independent carrier network allows us to do just that. Dialogue has always endeavored to be the market leader at enabling end to end messaging solutions for businesses. Our new dedicated network brings our customers one step closer to the message recipient. We take pride in delivering exceptional service and now by interworking at the carrier level we can maintain end to end control over message delivery, offering a quality of service that is second to none.”

Richard Dodds, commercial messaging manager at Dialogue, adds: “Moving into the operator world is a big step forward for Dialogue as it will allow the company to engage with other mobile operators directly by negotiating A2P termination rates under familiar circumstances and, more importantly, under standardised GSMA certified contracts. As a dedicated A2P SMS specialist, Dialogue is not a participant in the international SMS hubbing market. Operators can therefore be confident that SMS terminating to their subscribers from Dialogue’s network will bring additional revenue on top of existing Person to Person (P2P) SMS traffic, eliminating any concerns around potential cannibalisation of existing income streams.”

Juniper Research specializes in identifying and appraising new high growth market sectors within the mobile ecosystem. According to a recent research paper by Juniper, A2P SMS messaging will be worth about $70.1 billion by 2016. This is due to the fact that they see the strategic focus for carriers shifting from communications between individuals to sending and receiving service enabling messages.

A2P SMS enables companies to send automated messages from an application to a mobile subscriber. I started receiving alert text (SMS) messages from the city one day before hurricane Sandy hit New York City. They were messages alerting me as to the steps that the city was taking and what I should be concerned with. I also received messages a couple of weeks ago when we were hit with a snow storm. We can see how useful and helpful this is and I can see why Juniper sees this as a growing industry.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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