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February 27, 2013

QRC Technologies Goes out in the Field to Quell Small Cell Interference

I recently had a chance to Interview Tom Callahan, general manager and chief technology officer at QRC Technologies about their new Wideband Transcoder [WBT]. When it comes to 4G implementations, the problems companies are facing go beyond the lab’s capability to predict. 

QRC’s WBT has been designed for the field and is light weight and capable of recording the test to be returned to the lab for evaluation. This, “self-contained radio frequency (RF) recording and playback system helps commercial enterprises and government organizations more quickly and cost-effectively address various RF problems.”

The company lists the applications as:

- Reference Signal Recording and Playback 
- Signal Analysis
- Market Penetration
- Interference Analysis
- Training
- Receiver Test and Design
- Security
- Competitive Analysis
- Spectrum Allocation
- Repeater          

You can read more on their site.

The system is well designed for the RF spectrum deployments going on right now. And in my opinion, the applications expand to match upcoming opportunities. For example, the signal and interference analysis are going to become essential for small cell deployments as the layouts will need to become more subtle to manage the interference problems.

The system is also well priced for the market since small cell deployments are going to require a lot of field data and this system provides a recording capability and an easy to use interface that makes it so that the field can build a database of knowledge. With this, the theory and simulations in the lab will have a backup of reality from the field.

One other aspect to consider will be the use of shared spectrum which is a government need that will arise in the not too distant future.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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